Hey there! Welcome to my blog. My interests include video games (The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls, Alan Wake, and Minecraft etc. All music except that emo scremo stuff, anything with a good beat. Space, Aviation and anything to do with the Military, past and current.. That's basically what you'll find here. If you would like to know anything else ask me in my ask.

19th May 2012


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3rd April 2012


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22nd March 2012


"Follow You"- Ayah (Yogi Remix)

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16th March 2012


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9th March 2012

Video with 2 notes

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14th February 2012

Video with 1 note

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3rd February 2012

Video with 1 note

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30th January 2012


My buddy’s new Mix. UNF!!!!!!!!!

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29th January 2012

Video with 1 note

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25th January 2012

Video with 6 notes


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